Pour-In-Place Rubber Surfacing for Playgrounds is Innovation, Safety, and Fun Wrapped Into One. Meeting the highest standards for playgrounds and our children is essential to the thriving of our communities.

Benefits of Pour-In-Place Rubber Surfacing:

  • Our playground surfacing meets and exceeds all Canadian Standards Association (CSA) fall height requirements passing all G/Max and Head Injury Criterion (HIC) testing.

  • Poured-in-place does not have migration or thinning issues like loose-fill surfaces. Our long- lasting surface ensures year-round coverage without regular maintenance and the cost for replacement fill.

  • Accessible and truly barrier-free for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Wood fibre can accommodate wheelchairs, but adds drag making movement difficult.

  • Poured-in-place rubber surfacing provides a clean playground surface. Loose-fill surfaces are prone to hidden objects like needles, mold, fungus, insects and feces. Animals and insects are not attracted to the inorganic rubber material.

  • In the winter, our surfaces are not prone to freeze solid like pea gravel and water saturated wood fibre.

Why Choose Us?

Urban Rubber Paving is the approved installer of the proprietary impact-absorbing SHERPLAY® poured-in-place (PIP) rubber surface system. SHERPLAY® has a unique and more stable cushioning base combined with exclusive access to a broad range of attractive colors for the top wear layer, including Sherflek® (recycled tire crumb coated with colored rubber), Playtop® EPDM and Nike Grind®.



Urban Rubber Paving is a family owned business with locations in Calgary and Vancouver. We have several poured-in-place installation crews all trained for residential, commercial and playground installation. Access to these crews provides scheduling flexibility and means you can rest assured knowing your project can be completed on time. 

Urban Rubber Paving staff has more than 40 years combined experience installing PIP.


We have Canadian Playground Safety Institute (CPSI) trained staff.

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SHERCOM C.A.R.E.S® is Shercom Industries’ program in which we as a company give back to our communities. In addition to our commitment to the environment, we believe that we are only as strong as our community. As a result, we have contributed to building and sustaining programs in our area both financially as well as giving opportunities to individuals to succeed.

What makes our play surface better?

Base or Cushioning Layer

SHERPLAY® provides a stable cushioning base for the wear layer to adhere to for the life of the playground.  This is a dramatic departure from many playground bases that utilize fine rubber buffings which are prone to shifting and resulting in increased lateral movement of the top wear layer. Excessive movement of the top wear layer leads to premature wear, cracking and seam failure.

Top or Wear Layer

We think children love color and offer an industry leading flexibility in terms of custom color blends while maximizing recycled content, affordability and access to environmental rubber grants.  We do this by blending the following exclusive products:

Nike Grind Brochure-1.jpg

SHERFLEK® is entirely recycled tire granules (SBR) that has been coloured with liquid colorant in a proprietary and enhanced method. The result is a solid rubber granule with approximately 10% of the outer surface being coloured rubber which meets the same colour, longevity, ASTM and CSA testing as does EPDM.  SHERFLEK® provides the industry with a 100% recycled coloured granule alternative to EPDM while maintaining full eligibility for LEED credits, Provincial and industry recycled tire grants. Best of all, you can get these colours for the same low price as black SBR!

PLAYTOP® is the largest global poured-in-place playground company with installations in over 68 countries.  PLAYTOP® EPDM is an industry leading quality EPDM with a propylene content exceeding 50% (which is the P in EPDM) which is the key ingredient to colour stability and longevity. 

NIKE GRIND® is the exclusive offering blended with the PLAYTOP® EPDM to create a wide spectrum of bright color possibilities with the compelling storyline of children running on a surface made of their recycled running shoes.

Henderson 2
Henderson 1
Nike Grind 3
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