Covid-19 Message

March 26, 2020

To Our Customers


As we all adjust to the health and social impact of COVID-19, Urban Rubber Paving is currently open for business while we continue to follow the recommendations of our government leaders and we certainly wish to safeguard our customers and staff during this time.  In this regard we have put into place the following precautions for our customers and staff:


On-Site Estimates

  • We would ask our staff and customers to honor applicable government recommendations regarding social distancing. (wash hands regularly, 2 meter separation; no physical contact)

  • We would ask both our staff and our customers to defer any on-site estimates if not feeling well or during any self isolation or quarantine.  We would be happy to reschedule when in doubt.

  • We will continue to conduct on-site out door estimates but our staff will endeavour to not touch your property outside of walking on public access areas such as sidewalks, stairs, and driveways.  We would request that the home owners and/or managers of the property open all gates and means of physical access.

  • Various color blend samples will be available for viewing but we would ask customers to not touch them.

  • Estimates will only be provided electronically and we would ask that deposits be made electronically (E transfer or credit card) and not by cash or cheque.


Installation of Rubber Surfaces

  • The installation of rubber surfaces entails various solvents that are excellent disinfectants.  In addition, our staff will wipe down all our tools and work surfaces daily.

  •  We will limit our crew size to five staff who will endeavour to not touch your property outside of the outdoor area being resurfaced.  

  • We will require our staff to follow government guidelines regarding self isolation and quarantine in regards to exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

  • We will provide invoices and receipts electronically and would ask that payments be made electronically (E transfer or credit card) and not by cash or cheque.


As this is a fast developing situation, we will continue to update our efforts while evolving and improving our capacity to help fight the spread of this virus.


We will strive to provide the same high level of customer service that we have in the past and please do not hesitate to call, email or text  to stay in touch as we all work through this difficult time.





Michael Kehler


403 689 7748

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