Rubber paving is an economical, safety conscious and durable option for all your commercial needs. Whether it is a sidewalk, stairs, courtyard, horse or cattle facility, horse trailer, tennis court – or even a golf cart pathway, there are endless possibilities for a rubber paved surface.

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Economic Benefits

  • Save up to 50% when resurfacing cracked and brittle concrete, asphalt or paving bricks with rubber paving. Rubber paving eliminates the cost and disruption of removing the existing concrete or asphalt. This decreases the cost compared to replacing with traditional materials and has the reduces impact on the environment.

  • Patios and courtyards can be created for up to one-third less than using paving bricks that eliminates weeds and tripping hazards.

  • Less expensive than commercial vinyl decking products but lasts much longer.

Longevity and Weather Benefits

  • Rubber Paving is flexible and does not crack like concrete or asphalt does. 

  • There are rubber paving surfaces that were installed over two decades ago with no end in sight for their economic life.

  • Rubber paving is porous eliminating puddles in the summer and black ice in the winter.

  • Snow removal is much easier because ice does not stick to the rubber surface in the same way it does to other surfaces.

  • Custom colour blends available using more than 20 available colour granules to create the look you desire.

  • Colourant is an integral part of the granule. It will not bleed or rub off over time.

  • Accent borders or attractive geometric patterns offer a distinctive look.


  • Rubber paving qualifies as a slip-resistant surface for stairs, entrance ways, pathways, etc.

  • Rubber paving provides impact protection perfect for senior/retirement homes, day cares, etc.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Made entirely of 100% recycled Canadian tires, our core colours are 100% LEED Credit worthy (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Commercial Uses

  • Stairways, walkways, entry ways, courtyards, balconies, patios for a broad range of commercial properties.

  • Sports areas such as tennis courts, track & field, golf courses

  • Agricultural use such as horse trailers, stables, cattle facilities

  • Parking areas

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