What is Rubber Paving?


Rubber paving starts with a specific size of rubber crumb which is shredded recycled tires that have had all the radial metal bands removed. This rubber crumb is mixed with a specialized binder agent.  This granular mix is applied to a surface, typically concrete or asphalt (but can be carefully tamped gravel mixes), in a layer of approximately one inch for driveways, sidewalks and patios.  After the application, it is packed and trowelled to make a firm, smooth, and uniform surface.   During the curing period the binder agent chemically fuses the individual granules of rubber crumb resulting in a continuous, flexible, rubber pavement layer (approx ¾ of inch once packed and dry) covering the underlying surface.  This rubber pavement has a hard enough surface to permit vehicle traffic and the scraping off of ice while maintaining a more textured surface that is both ice and slip resistant.


Rubber Paving takes advantage of the advanced technology that has been implanted into our car and truck tires.

Over the past 100 years companies such as Good Year and BF Goodrich have poured millions of dollars into R&D to provide us with car and truck tires that are virtually unaffected by the environment (temperature, salt, regular wear).  This is why historically recycled tires have been such a problem for land fills.  The rubber does not break down.


This same tire technology permits our cars to remain stationary for years at a time and also absorb incredible shocks from potholes at high speed all the while retaining the original round shape.  It is this technology that permits heavy vehicles to park for extended periods on rubber paving and yet it does not thin out or crack but instead simply resumes its original flat uniform shape once the vehicle departs.

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Manufacturer – Shercom Industries


Urban Rubber Paving is a proud approved installer of Shercom Industries Inc. rubber paving technology.  This technology was introduced by Shercom Industries in 1998 and today Saskatchewan has thousands of driveways that have been resurfaced with rubber pavement.


Shercom was founded in 1993 and has applied extensive research and development in order to expand the commercial uses of recycled rubber.  Today Shercom recycles approximately 85% of Saskatchewan’s old tires and markets dozens of commercial products such as speed bumps, parking curbs, wheel chocks, and industrial ramps and mats.  Their retail products include rubber mulch, interlocking bricks and mats, lawn edgers and tree well covers.  In addition, Shercom has larger rubber paving equipment for large commercial applications such as track and field, tennis courts and play grounds. 


All of Shercom’s manufactured products utilize recycled rubber transforming an environmental hazard into a sustainable environmental product.  All of Shercom’s products including rubber paving are certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  Customers of Shercom’s products qualify for LEED credits for their construction projects.

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